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A New Player In The Consulting Industry

The Consulting Revolution Starts Now


Synergy of creativity and data-based precision

Better Be Buzzin’ (BBB), an independent consulting firm focused on marketing transformation, enters the management consulting stage as a dynamic newcomer. With deep corporate knowledge and an innovative approach, BBB strives to change the consulting landscape from the ground up. The focus is on transitioning from traditional methods to a vibrant, data-driven consulting philosophy. The team brings together experienced experts from corporations and agencies and combines comprehensive knowledge with creative, data-driven strategies.


Not just consultants, but visionaries

Behind BBB are people who know how things work. The founding duo, Katja Berchtenbreiter and Oliver Brügmann, bring extensive experience from top companies such as Mercedes-Benz and DEPT. Their innovative approach transcends the boundaries of traditional consulting concepts. “Our aim is to question existing rules and set new standards,” explains Brügmann. Berchtenbreiter adds: “BBB stands for a partnership based on empathy, courage and real transformation, with the aim of achieving substantial results for our clients.”


Focus: Marketing Transformation Consulting

BBB specializes in increasing the marketing efficiency of its clients through targeted measures: from campaign audits to the in-housing of ad technologies. By empowering companies to take over and optimize key marketing functions internally, BBB promotes deeper data analysis and more efficient use of resources.

This includes both the introduction of suitable ad technologies in-house and the training of employees to use these technologies efficiently. In addition, BBB relies on the interaction of marketing, sales and IT to ensure a holistic view of company processes. This integrated approach makes it possible to achieve the best possible results by exploiting and optimizing synergies between these key areas.

Through this approach, BBB offers companies not only support for current challenges in their marketing campaigns, but also long-term solutions for a sustainable increase in marketing efficiency. BBB also acts as a mediator in tensions with existing agencies to create more effective and harmonious partnerships. BBB’s expertise lies in bringing clarity to the complex world of marketing, optimizing budgets and creating a strategic framework for the deployment of internal resources.


Technological progress meets human intuition

At BBB, the focus is on people – both as customers and as employees. “The human factor and team spirit are not just empty phrases for us, but the key to our success,” emphasizes Berchtenbreiter. “We are convinced that the most effective solutions come from the interplay of technological progress and human intuition.”

Better Be Buzzin’ starts with a strong team, a clear vision and the determination to change the consulting industry for good. Companies that want to revolutionize their marketing strategies and take the leap to the forefront of digital evolution will find a competent partner in BBB.

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