Better Be Buzzin’ – we consult on Marketing Efficiency, Ad Technology and Digital Empowerment

We are an independent consultancy whose focus is on marketing transformation. Meaning we tackle challenges big and bigger: from how to deliver on digitization to auditing a current marketing campaign. Our approach to creating value always starts in the same place, a passion for people mixed with a love of numbers.

As an independent consultancy, we are 100% focused on the success of our clients. We don’t do endless presentations.

No paper planes or bullshit bingo.
We stick to timelines.
We always deliver.

"To be at the forefront of digital, you have to be quick, curious, and one step ahead."

- Oliver Brügmann

Managing Partner

"It's all about data and facts on one hand, and curiosity and passion on the other. That's the secret sauce."

- Katja Berchtenbreiter

Managing Partner


Marketing Transformation Consulting

We are passionate about analyzing data and uncovering insights to get our clients more bang for their buck. We also support you to build up the right ad technology in-house and train your people to work with it.

Increased Sales within Budget: Increase profits with the available budget and optimize resources for maximum revenue.


Cost Savings through Campaign and System Optimization: Streamline marketing efforts and systems to cut costs, achieving more with less.


Enhanced Data Intelligence with Long-Term Strategies: Develop sustainable data strategies for deeper insights and make smarter decisions based on comprehensive data.

Independence through AdTech Inhousing: Attain autonomy by internalizing AdTech operations, taking control and optimizing advertising technology.


Knowledge Building through Transfer and Training: Foster knowledge growth through sharing and training, empowering teams for success.


Efficiency Gain through Silo Elimination: Boost efficiency by breaking down silos, encouraging seamless collaboration across teams for improved outcomes.

Transparency via Improved Measurability: Gain clarity and transparency with improved measurement methods and closely monitor the success of your strategy to make informed decisions.


Customer Satisfaction through Improved Customer Journey: Elevate customer satisfaction by refining their journey, creating positive experiences for long-lasting connections.


Process Optimization through Privacy and Security Expertise: Optimize procurement processes by prioritizing privacy and security, ensuring compliance.


Employee Satisfaction through Talent-Centric Task Assignment: Increase employee satisfaction by aligning tasks with their talents, optimizing workforce effectiveness.


Is your current marketing campaign effective? We can tell you by analyzing all the little bits and pieces. And if there is room for improvement, we will tell you. Whether it’s the performance, the creative or the measurement. And we will double check your reports to make those numbers transparent.

  • Performance Audits
  • Targeting
  • Media Quality
  • Campaign Structure
  • Pricing
  • Brand Safety


You want to become independent and built up your corporate ad technology? We help you evaluate the most suitable platforms and guide you through all the necessary data protection and IT security checks – always in coordination with your compliance department.

  • In-housing Consulting
  • Analysis existing TechStack
  • Definition Requirements
  • Market Screening and Evaluation
  • Vendor Management
  • Implementation


Is your team capable of tackling the actual challenges of digital marketing? We will help them to build up more knowledge and make them digital super heroes who will conquer the digitalization.

  • Trainings
  • Workshops
  • Talent Management
  • Change Management
  • Organization Building
  • Digital Empowerment