Insight the Buzz' Oliver Brügmann Revolutionizing digital strategies

Revolutionizing Digital Strategies

Oliver Brügmann Explaining The Better Be Buzzin’ Journey

What motivated you to co-found Better Be Buzzin’?

Over the past years, I’ve gained insights into various companies and industries. While digital transformation has made significant progress, it is far from reaching its full potential.

One observation I’ve made is that responsibilities, budgets, and goals are often isolated and not considered across multiple areas within companies. This leads to high inefficiency, frustration, and, in the worst cases, a lack of competitiveness.

Digital leaders face a double whammy – grappling with an economic downturn while facing immense pressure on limited budgets. The urgent demand? Deliver tangible results and unequivocally prove how marketing efforts drive business triumph.

And that often while facing massive internal barriers such as:

  • Cultural barriers for change
  • Unclear digital strategy
  • Lack of expertise
  • Fragmented systems and data
  • Lack of leadership and governance

This is exactly where Better Be Buzzin’ comes in. Our mission is to tackle what traditional consultancies and agencies fail to do. We combine strategic skills with unique experience from the daily “engine room” of corporate marketing, digitalisation and the digital agency industry. That with one goal in mind: Drive results and establish “digital” as a cross functional layer in modern organizations.

What do you believe sets Better Be Buzzin’ apart the most, and how do you utilize these attributes to develop unique solutions for clients?

At Better Be Buzzin’, what truly sets us apart is our fusion of transparency, neutrality, and a hands-on ethos that’s deeply rooted in both corporate marketing wisdom and agency flair. We’re not about just pitching strategies; we roll up our sleeves, dive into the nitty-gritty, and crunch numbers alongside our clients.

Our secret sauce? Bridging the gaps between sales, marketing, and IT to drive tangible outcomes. We’re all about breaking silos, fostering an interdisciplinary approach that ensures real results.

But here’s what really makes us tick: we’re not your typical suit-and-tie consultancy. Nope! We’re all about warmth, collaboration, and embracing sneakers over formal attire. We infuse fun into our work, emphasizing collaboration over distant presentations. That’s how we craft solutions that truly resonate and drive success for our clients.

If you jump forward one year, what changes or achievements do you see at Better Be Buzzin’ that clearly represent the success of the organisation for you? How would you define that success?

Looking a year ahead, we at Better Be Buzzin’ see a clear impact of our work on our customers and their ecosystems. Our success would be characterised not only by the growth of our partnerships with courageous business leaders, but also by the creation of sustainable value for our clients, their employees and their customers. We strive to make a tangible contribution through our actions and strategies – be it through improved efficiency, increased customer loyalty or the creation of inspiring working environments. Our goal is to create an environment where businesses not only thrive, but also have a positive impact on their communities.

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